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Chronological History of American Comics
Part One - Until 1920

1734 N.A. William Hogarth's A Harlot's Progress A Rake's Progress and Marriage a la Mode published. A seminal influence on the creation of the visual narrative in print.
1841 N.A. First issue of Punch magazine published in London
1865 N.A. A.N. Kellogg News Company established. First newspaper syndicate in the U.S.
1865 N.A. Wilhelm Busch's Max und Moritz introduced in German papers. This strip had a direct influence on Rudolph Dirks who would plagiarize the strip for the Katzenjammer Kids.
1877 N.A. Puck magazine begins publication in America.
1881 N.A. Judge magazine begins publication.
1883 N.A. Life magazine begins publication
1893 N.A. The Little Bears by James Swinnerton begins in the San Francisco Examiner under William Randolph Hearst.
1893 N.A. The first color newspaper page is published in the New York Recorder. One week later the New York World under Joseph Pulitzer publishes it's first color page.
1895 N.A. Richard Felton Outcault's Yellow Kid makes his first appearance in Pulitzer's the World.
1896 N.A. The Yellow Kid begins publication as a weekly feature.
1897 N.A. Hearst's Journal American establishes it's Sunday comic supplement called the American Humorist it features Outcault's Yellow Kid and Dirk's Katzenjammer Kids make their first appear
1897 N.A. R.F.Outcault moves from Pulitzer's The World to Hearst's Examiner.
1900 N.A. Foxy Grandpa by Carl Schultze makes first appearance in the New York Herald.
1900 N.A. Frederic Burr Opper's Happy Hooligan first appearance.
1902 N.A. R.F.Outcault's Buster Brown makes first appearance in the New York Herald.
1903 N.A. Clare Briggs's A.Piker Clerk makes first appearance the Chicago American.
1903 N.A. Gustave Verbeck's The Upside Downs begins in the New York Herald.
1904 N.A. First appearance of The Newlyweds by George McManus.
1904 N.A. James Swinnerton's Little Jimmy makes his first appearance.
1904 N.A. Winsor McCay's Dream of the Rarebit Fiend makes first appearance in the Evening Telegram.
1905 N.A. Gustave Verbeck's The Terrors of the Tiny Tads makes first appearance.
1905 N.A. Winsor McCay's epic Little Nemo in Slumberland makes first appearance in the New York Herald.
1906 N.A. C.W.Kahles Hairbreadth Harry makes first appearance.
1906 N.A. Lyonel Feininger's The Kin-der-Kids & Wee Willie Winkie's World begin in the Chicago Tribune
1907 N.A. Bud Fisher's Mutt & Jeff makes it's first appearance as Mr. A.Mutt in the San Francisco Chronicle. Accredited as the first successful daily comic strip.
1910 N.A. George Herriman's Dingbat Family makes it's first appearance. On July 26 Krazy Kat makes first transformed appearance
1910 N.A. Harry Hershfield's Desperate Desmond first appearance.
1911 N.A. Sidney Smith's Old Doc Yak makes first appearance.
1912 N.A. Cliff Sterrett's Positive Polly makes first appearance. Later renamed Polly & Her Pals.
1912 N.A. Edgar Rice Burrough's Tarzan of the Apes published in All Story Magazine
1912 N.A. Edgar Rice Burrough's Under the Moons of Mars published in All Story.
1912 N.A. Rudolph Dirks quits Hearst's Journal American and goes to Pulitzer's the World. Move results in lawsuit against Dirks that he may not take the Katzenjammer Kids with him. A landmark decisi
1912 N.A. William randolph Hearst creates International Feature Service later renamed King Features.
1913 N.A. George Herriman's Krazy Kat appears as it's own strip with title on October 28
1913 N.A. George McManus' Bringing Up Father makes first appearance in the Journal American.
1914 N.A. Dirk's Hans and Fritz makes first appearance. Later renamed the Captain and the Kids after America enters World War I.
1914 N.A. Harold H.Knerr's first Katzenjammer Kids appears.
1914 N.A. Harry Hershfield's Abie the Agent makes first appearance.
1915 N.A. Fontaine Fox's Toonerville Folks makes first appearance as a regular feature.
1915 N.A. Merrill Blosser's Freckles and His Friends makes first appearance.
1915 N.A. Moses Koenigsberg consolidates all of Hearst's syndication companies under one banner and calls it King Features Syndicate.
1915 N.A. Rube Goldgerg's Boob McNutt makes first appearance.
1917 N.A. Felix the Cat appears in animated cartoons.
1917 N.A. Sidney Smith's the Gumps makes first appearance in the Chicago Tribune.
1918 N.A. Frank King's Gasoline Alley makes first appearance in the Chicago Tribune
1919 N.A. Billy DeBeck's Barney Google makes first appearance in the Journal American.
1919 N.A. Carl Ed's Harold Teen makes first appearance in the Chicago Tribune.
1919 N.A. Elzie Crisler Segar creates Thimble Theater in the Journal American.
1920 N.A. Martin Branners Winnie Winkle makes first appearance.

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