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Biographies of the Stars

Todd MacFarlane

Todd McFarlane was born in Calgary March 16, 1961. As a teen, the young Canadian discovered comics being drawn to the top artists of the 70's including Mike Golden, Marshall Rogers and Walt Simonson, and later Arthur Adams.

But comics was not Todd's first interest for his future. Todd played baseball all through his adolescence into his teens and eventually played professional Canadian League baseball. While playing in this league he was spotted by a scout for the Seattle mariners who recruited him to play for their minor league team. Unfortunately for Todd an injury ended his baseball career.

Another hobby of Todd's was drawing comics, which he had been doing since high school. He graduated from college in 1984 with degrees in Fine Arts & Graphic Design and began pursuing his career in the comics, but it wasn't going to happen to quickly he found as he reportedly amassed some 700 rejection slips from publishers.

He finally broke into comics in 1984 penciling the back up feature Scorpio Rose in Marvel comic's Coyote. After this he went to DC where he took on Infinity Inc., which he drew for 25 issues, and where his great popularity began.

Afterward he went to Marvel doing a bit more than a years run on the Hulk starting with #330. While on this title Todd got rave reviews and became an enormous fan favorite. At the same time he also did 3 issues of detective Comics (#576-78) and several other projects for both Marvel and DC.

Then the really big break came. Todd was assigned the classic title Spider-Man beginning with issue #298. He quickly redesigned the character and raised sales figures on the book, which had been languishing, to the top selling comic title.

Among the creations he made at Marvel was Venom (with David Michilinie), character that is now one of the most popular in comics, which he introduced in Spider-Man #298.

Finally however the talented artist could no longer take it. The large companies were too constricting for him, and along with artists/creators Rob Leifeld, Jim Lee, Marc Silvestri, Erik Larsen and Jim Valentino formed their own comic company in 1992, calling it Image Comics.

A creator's company, the artists now had full control over their futures and the resulting comics and other projects have made them all very successful. Todd's "Spawn" sells some one million copies per issue and is now being produced for the silver screen.

In 1994, Todd took another leap when he decided to go against industry advice and form his own toy company instead of merchandising through Hasbro, Mattel and others. Todd Toys, as the venture was first called (it is now called McFarlane Toys) are some of the most successful toys ever produced.

Todd always has many projects in the works overseeing all of them personally, while still working on the monthly Spawn title. He doesn't go to as many conventions as he used to because of this but Image Comics representatives are always on hand displaying the Spawn-mobile.

For three years straight Todd was voted most popular artist by Wizard Guide and is one of the biggest fan draws. He lives in Arizona with his wife and two daughters.

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