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Biographies of the Stars

Mac Raboy

Emanuel Raboy was born April 9, 1914 in New York City. He graduated from De Witt Clinton High School, which produced a large number of the artists of comic's Golden Age, during the great depression of the 1930's.

By the time he graduated Raboy was already an accomplished artist, and he immediately landed a job with the Works Progress Administration, a government-sponsored employment program which hired artists to decorate public places.

Raboy's comic book career began in 1940 in the Harry "A" Chesler studio, a 'shop' that produced comic material on contract for other publishers. He worked on a variety of assignments for Fawcett Publications, publishers of "Captain Marvel", until he was hired as a permanent staff artist at Fawcette the following year.

Raboy is best known for his work on "Captain Marvel, Jr" which debuted in September of 1941, written by Otto Binder and also for the classic Bulletman that thrilled huge numbers of fans in Master Comics. Raboy was a much-admired artist, but not a fast worker and he required a number of assistants to complete his assignments on time.

His comic book covers for Fawcette are some of the most sought after pieces of art by collectors.

He was known to be extremely sensitive to criticism and afer many clashes with the editors over deadlines heleft Fawcett in 1944 to join Spark Publications, where he drew the "Green Lama" until 1946. In the Spring of 1946 he signed on with King features to illustrate the "Flash Gordon" Sunday page and immediately drew the praise of fans drawing the strip until his untimely death in December of 1967.

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